My Book

The purpose of GENESIS: The Novel is to tell the tale of God’s history with human beings. My target audience is the curious – agnostics and believers alike. It is my intention to present the first book of the Bible in the form of a fiction novel. Beside their heroic acts, I wanted to disclose the doubts, fears, and weaknesses of the biblical characters. I believe that’s how the reader can identify with each one of them.

I have added original oil paintings to my novel illustrating key scenes of the book of Genesis. The biblical narratives have inspired me to hone in on the female experiences also. The story of Jacob’s daughter Dinah and Judah’s daughter-in-law Tamar are very good examples.

Introducing God in a fresh way and encouraging people to dig deeper and seek out the Lord of the universe is the crux of my art, music, and writing. From my heart to yours: Shalom, Shalom my friend!

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In 2001, Evelyn Snyder moved from Cologne, Germany, to Mesa, Arizona. Professionally, she had worked in various administrative positions both in Germany and the United States while writing songs on the side.

Songwriting was Evelyn’s first love. Together with her husband, Bill, their first album was published in 2012: Psalms in Song for the Nations, with scriptures set to music. The second album was recorded in 2019: The Light of Christmas, with their original Christmas songs. Last but not least, Headed for a Smile was published in 2021.

When asked, Evelyn refers to her writing experience as a journey. Her blogs became the precursor to her first book GENESIS: The Novel, which she illustrated with her original oil paintings. She self-narrated the audiobook version and created a theme song: Tides of Change, which became part of the audiobook.

Since 2023 Evelyn teaches art in Ken Schilling’s Gallery located in the Superstition Springs Mall in Mesa, Arizona.